A resounding slap of creativity

While a slap across the face is provocative, we actually used projection for a less stinging affect, but still got a lot of attention.

Something bright and bold was needed to kick start the 2014 Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) Creative Industries recruitment drive. The concept recognised that while many people know they have a gift or desire to follow a creative pursuit, they just need encouragement to take the first steps on to the creative pathway. We wanted a campaign to say “hey, you’re creative, put aside your excuses and be who you know you were meant to be” ‘ It needed to encourage viewers to find out more about the suite of choices available from NMIT Creative Industries, including visual arts, digital arts and photography, writing, music and interior design courses.

The resulting ‘Face It – You’re Born to Create’ campaign was literally ‘in your face’ and hard […]

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Simple steps to refresh your website brower

‘I can’t see the changes that you have made to my website!’  If this has happened to you, don ‘t worry it happens all time. I usually hear this most weeks when we have made an update to a website and then the client can’t see it.

When you visit your website (or any website), data from that site is stored on your computer. This is called “cache” and it helps speed up the transfer of the website data to your computer’s browser the next time you visit. Normally this is what you want, but occasionally you may want to force the website to send you new data. This is important if you want to see changes to your website as soon as they are made.
How to refresh your browser
To force your browser to refresh take the following steps:
Refresh your page only
⇧ Shift-click the Refresh button. While pressing the Refresh button on your […]

Bush Inn rebrand

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Interior design and external signage (Intepeople Part 3)

After rebranding Intepeople and creating a range of promotional items, we looked at Intepeople’s interior design and signage. As Intepeople moved into a new building as part of their rebrand,  we had the unique opportunity to incorporate the new branding into the interior design.
3D model of the new office
Because the building was still under construction, we created a 3D model of the planned interiors in Google Sketch Up (based on the  architects’ floor plans), so that everyone could easily visualise the areas requiring signage and other items of design.

3D mockup of the entrance banner, as viewed from the stairwell.

3D mockup of the entrance doors with frosted glass.

3D mockup of the foyer, showing wall mounted 3D lettering and branded soft furnishings.

3D mockup of the foyer, showing the feature wall.
Actual interiors and external signage
From the 3D mockups and the design files, the interior design elements and signage were rolled out through […]

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Rolling out the rebrand (Intepeople Part 2)

After developing the new name and logo for Intepeople we went on to develop a creative identity for  their brochures, advertising and other materials. The process included the collation of mood boards: a collection of images that help to articulate the creative direction.

Mood boards used articulate creative identity.

From this a range of promotional items were articulated.

The Profile booklet outlining Intepeople’s service offer.

Intepeople website.

Intepeople letterhead, compliments slip and business cards.

Mousepads, desktop wallpapers, and other branded items.

Pullup banner and hallway posters.

Read about the Intepeople interior design and external signage.

“We are completely satisfied with the end result and feel we have in partnership developed a brand that fulfilled our desires. We commend Downing Design on the delivery of the final product.” Julie Baxendine, General Manager, Intepeople Human Resource Consultants

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Intepeople rebranded – should you? (Intepeople Part 1)

Does your business name reflect what you offer? Does it reflect who you are? Does it communicate the value you bring to your  customers?

We often get asked ‘should I rebrand?’ and the reasons behind a rebrand can vary. In October last year the team at Intepeople came to us with the task of delivering a complete brand overhaul for the business. Why? They recognised that the name, logo and creative communication of the company no longer accurately reflected their business.

In the first of a three part blog covering rebranding, we’ll show you the thinking behind the process, try to help you understand why businesses rebrand and give you the information you need to decide if rebranding is what your business needs to take you where you want to go.

An image developed to hint at the rebrand when Intepeople was still Fanselow Bell.

Previously Fanselow Bell, (the names of the company’s […]

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Tattoo art captures physical theatre dynamism

In March this year our creative team set to work with a brief to create a visual identity for the Nelson Arts Festival 2013, a brief that reflected the overwhelming number of physical theatre performances the programme would eventually contain. Every year, creating original, engaging artwork for the Nelson Arts Festival is a challenge our designers look forward to: an opportunity to capture the essence of the festival ahead and turn it into imagery with the power to generate excitement long before the festival begins, with sufficient depth and storytelling magic to remain fresh and vibrant throughout the three weeks of festival events, and an inherent delight that ensures that rarely a poster remains (non- souveneired) following the finale event.

Step one: Inspiration
Before jumping into the creation of artwork, we began by collating imagery we felt could serve as inspiration. We then compiled the images into mood boards: each representing […]

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Rebranding Donaldson Civil

Donaldson Civil have rebranded! Previously Adcock & Donaldson, the business has had a shift in ownership and a need to have a contemporary look. We worked with the team at Donaldson Civil to produce a logo that helped frame their identdity. As a longstanding Nelson business, Donaldson Civil’s team of passionate civil engineers needed a graphic that helped capture their passion.

The new logo’s icon is a stylised D and C connecting to make a single graphic. The red top half suggests their above ground work, while the bottom blue half suggests the below ground work. The font and the icon style also has been inspired by pipe work, one of the common parts of a project carried out by Donaldson Civil.

Once the logo was agreed upon, we produced business cards, letterhead artwork and email footers. From there we created vehicle signage, which was applied to their fleet of vehicles. […]

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Rebranding the EDA – shorthand for beginners

“If you’re not a brand you’re a commodity.” Philip Kotler

At the domestic business level, the power of branding to differentiate and transmit a company’s offer is enormous. In international business the value of this goes even further; transcending language barriers to convey the organisation’s strengths, status and promise, without the need for words. Basically, it’s the ultimate in marketing shorthand.

For the Nelson Regional Economic Development Agency (The EDA) – the organisation that promotes Nelson’s business sectors at home and abroad – world-class branding is essential to carrying out their activities. In April this year, having recognised that the existing brand imagery wasn’t doing the job, the EDA approached Downing Design to develop a logo and a range of marketing materials to better reflect the functions of the EDA and the value it presents.

Given that the name ‘Nelson Regional Economic Development Agency’ is quite a mouthful, it was agreed that […]

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Creating an image that successfully conveys the depth and variety of the Nelson City experience is no mean feat – but just the kind of challenge our creatives thrive on. When Uniquely Nelson commissioned us to work with them on their winter shopping promotion it was essential to generate a look  that represented all of their member businesses but came across as a single, powerful Nelson City offer.

The Nelson City Style campaign created by Downing Design met the brief perfectly – bringing together the city’s offer of delivering fashion, jewellery, galleries, cafes, variety stores, beauty, restaurants, speciality foods, health supplies, book stores, sports, recreation, electronics, bars and entertainment all in one place. Using snappy white silhouettes over a crimson, carmine red, Nelson City Style promotions had exactly the eye popping, bang for your buck, singular statement qualities needed to punch through a successful winter shopping campaign. With the theme […]

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